Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Coolness and Security- The only way that rocks

Coolness and Security- The only way that rocks

I am 21 years old and live in San Diego. Everything could be so great. The weather is hot, the beaches are great and the girls are pretty nice. But there is just one problem, I need a hot car to get the attention of the chicks. Ok, the hot car is not the real problem. I have a BMW Z4. But the dents and scratches are hurting my chanceswith the ladies. I am not sure why, but the girls I do meet are not ok with a beat-up BMW; It's killing my chances. I thought girls liked dirty and venturesome guys like Bruce Willis and James Dean. But to be honest, my car is not Bruce Willis and I am not Demi Moore, who is responsible for the scars, if you know, what I mean. It has to be clean, pure and unique.
It is not cool to have scratches on the car. And there is the second problem:
How can I avoid the scratches and look cool. In summary, for 5 years I have been searching for the ultimate way to solve this dilemna. I am not willing to spend 15,000 bucks for my BMW without earning all the glory, prestige and, last but not least, the hot girls. As I told you, there are the hottest girls in my town and I shouldn't be the only one who has to flirt with Rosanne. No way!! But now I have the impression that everything will change. One week ago I saw a Car Bra which was really cool. It is a Colgan Carbon Fiber Finish Original and features a trendy woven pattern exterior for high-tech modern looks. I think it is the ultimate way to look really cool and avoid all the scratches. Of course I bought one and a few minutes later I wanted to go to a barber shop. Why? Remember! I had to search for an opportunity to save my car. There was no time for taking care of myself. I know that you could think now that this was the reason for my unsuccessful flirting with the girls. No way! As a guy it is cool to be dirty. Now I have the perfect combination. I look as cool as Bruce Willis and my car is well-tended like Demi Moore. I hope Ashton Kutcher will accept this reunion.

I ended up buying the Colgan Carbon Fiber Finish Original Car Bra.
- Tim Saunier

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