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5 Simple Ways to Check a Used Car

5 Simple Ways to Check a Used Car

Author: Alan Lim

However, it does not necessarily mean that buyers will just take the process of selecting used cars for granted. Hence, it is important to take note of the ways to check the car prior to the closure of the deal.

Therefore, for people who wish to know the different ways on checking the condition of the used car, here are some pointers:

1. Test drive
There is no better way to check the condition of the used car than to do a test drive. In this way, the buyer will be able to know the actual condition of the car and its parts like the brakes, accelerator, etc.

Also, the buyer will be able to detect at once if there are some “clunks” and rattles on the used car, even if the test drive is just a short trip.

2. Personal inspection
Aside from test-driving, it is also important for the buyer to personally inspect the details of the body make-up and its condition.

In this manner, the buyer will be able to identify any signs of rusts and damages, the condition of the tires, oil leaks, etc in the used car.

3. Mileage check
Usually, an average user or driver will consume 12,000 to 15,000 miles in a year. In this way, the buyer will be able to know the approximate age of the car by looking at its mileage.

4. Mechanic check
Another way of checking the condition of a used car prior to its purchase is to seek the help of a mechanic. This may cost the buyer some charges but the money would surely be spent for a good cause. The mechanic is the best person who could instantly assess technically and professionally the condition of a certain car.

5. CARFAX Report
Knowing the history of the used car is also one of the best ways to know the real condition of the car. Hence, it is important for the buyer to seek the help of CARFAX report in order to know the full details of the used car’s history.

Take the proper steps and research your purchase. Doing so will guarantee a happy car buying experience.

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  1. Inspection of the existing engine is utmost important,because you do not know what condition it is in.necessary to have a good check from the professionals.Good guidance here.

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing these 5 simple ways to check a used car. This post can help me a lots because I'm buying a used car now for my cousins. Keep on sharing!

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