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Always insure rented car - Be safe

Always insure rented car - Be safe

You have to know that most US drivers already have auto insurance which gives full or partial protection while driving a rented car. Some insurance policies cover rented cars while some do not, some don’t cover what is called a luxury car. Check your own personal policy for its condition.

Even with all these limits your personal auto insurance will be a source of coverage should your suffer a injury while driving a rented car. The best option is to talk with your auto insurance agent before renting a car and ask the following questions – What geographical area your auto insurance policy covers you in.

How much is your deductible? Does the policy cover only values of the vehicles listed on the policy? Does your policy cover theft and collision damage?

Everyone insures his/her car. Not only because it is mandatory but because you get compensation in case of accident or loss. When you rent a car, for whatever reason. It is essential for you to buy additional insurance.

If you go to a car rental agency, it is possible to purchase a car rental insurance policy. This insurance cover is costly and may cost anything from $8-$28 per day. It all depends upon the place where you are renting the car. If the car is uninsured you will have to pay the damage to the car out of your own pocket.

The best choice is your own insurance company from which you have taken insurance. Many companies just transfer your car’s insurance to the rented car. This insurance has comprehensive and accident insurance with the same deductibles and third party coverage. This saves you from spending anything more. Some credit card companies offer CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) on certain conditions.

In case you don’t have any of the above mentioned options, it would be best to buy CDW. If you have an insurance cover it will save you the burden of a huge amount in case of damage. There is a stiff competition in the market to get the insurance purchasers money. Therefore, it is at right to find the best option before signing an agreement.

You may have the minimum level of coverage under the laws of your state, a level which might be insufficient to protect you against the risk of replacing a brand new rented vehicle or in an unfortunate situation you might have to pay an excessive personal injury claim.

In the end the decision of weather or not to buy optional extra insurance from a car rental company is yours. You should also calculate the value of car insurance and its cost. When all is said and done it is still best to have yourself and the rented car covered to save yourself a lot of harassment and financial loss. Because in case of some mishap the car insurance company will take it up and you will be saved a great financial loss. Therefore, to keep yourself safe from having to pay damages out of your money it is best to rent a car which has insurance cover.

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