Thursday, September 13, 2007

Select a rented car of your choice - Enjoy the experience

Select a rented car of your choice - Enjoy the experience

Renting a car becomes a confusing exercise. There are so many options you can get it from a car rental firm, or which car to select or you may book it online. Nowadays there are websites that are platforms to bring leaders in car rental business like Hertz and the consumer together. You just have to fill a simple form and you can get quotes from 3-5 firms and this will give you a chance to compare prices and what each firm gives as service. To rent a car without any hassles you have to keep in mind a few points which are as follows:

a) You must decide what is your need? And how much you are willing to spend to fulfill it? You should learn the commonly used terms and their meaning like compact, mid size and luxury etc. b) You should check car rental sites and web directories for “specials”, many firms have schemes for long term use, weeklong use and weekend deals etc. These specials are there to give you a rental discount. Find out if you will get a discount for early looking. c) Read the offer document carefully and find out if there are any other charges over the rate agreed upon, like collision damage waiver fees; airport surcharge, drop off/collection charges, fuel charges, mileage fees, taxes, additional driver fees etc. d) Find out if the car rental firm calculates cost based on mileage or per mile or free miles with pre-imposed limits. e) See if your auto insurance covers car rentals. If not, does your credit card give insurance or you will have to avail auto insurance from car rental firm. f) Find out what documents the car rental firm will require, and complete all documents well before your departure.

Be sure to ask for a confirmation in writing of your booking and what their contact numbers are on holidays.

The yellow pages has addresses and phone numbers of various car rental services each of them is listed with special customer features and models of the cars that they have. Some of the car rental agencies also offer a very convenient customer pickup service. If you are planning to pick your car yourself try to fix your car pickup and return times in such a way that you don’t have to pay extra charges.

If you are driving a few miles only, you can save money by choosing a rental with mileage cap. But unlimited mileage rates gives you more freedom. All this depends upon the purpose for which you are hiring the car. Normally all car rental agencies require that you have a driving license or a credit card.

In many circumstances renting a car for one week is more affordable than renting one few days. So think about 9-8 weekend rental to save money. Another thing you have know before renting a car is whether the company you are renting a car from has good track record and whether they are famous for good customer service.

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