Wednesday, September 12, 2007

RV motorhomes - Your home far away from home.

RV motorhomes - Your home far away from home.

Most of us like traveling. Going to new places with friends and family is a prospect that excites many of us. But when we finally manage to get away from it all and land up in a new place, and after the excitement of the itinerary and the new locale wears off a little, it’s easy to start feeling a little homesick. After all, your home is where your heart is. And few places will ever match the warmth and comfort of one’s home.

It’s a strange predicament. How do you get away from home without really getting away from it? The simplest solution in such a case is to carry your home with you wherever you go. Fix a set of wheels to your house and tow it with you. Paradoxical as it may seem, with a motorhome, you can make the impossible possible.

Welcome to the wonderful world of RV motorhomes (RV, by the way, stands for Recreational vehicles in case you didn’t know.) Owning an RV motorhome is an experience to cherish for a lifetime. It’s just like traveling with your home as you from location to location and explore your country. RV motorhomes come in two distinct varieties - towables and motorized. Towable RVs include such variants as the travel trailer, the fifth wheel and the tent trailer. A more recent addition to this category is the toy hauler, which features both ample living areas and a secure place to keep your favorite ‘toys’, like ATV’s and motorcycles. A towable RV motor home is designed to be towed by a pick up. It therefore provides the added flexibility of having a car that can be easily separated from the RV and put to independent use.

The real fun with RV motorhomes begins with the motorized kind. These are the bigger, better boys of the pack, and also among the more expensive ones. A motorhome, as it is popularly called, can belong to any of 3 Classes. Class A Motorhomes are either gas or diesel powered, with the diesel Class A motorhomes being referred to as Diesel Pushers and often the most expensive and luxurious of the RV types. Class B Motorhomes or van conversions are a large self-contained van, which includes living accommodations, and are the smaller version of the motorhomes. Class C Motorhomes are built on a truck chassis. They are cheaper than the other two types, yet offer excellent amenities and ample space.

So what should one expect from an RV motorhome? Well, a typical RV, even in its most humble manifestation, would include beds, a table, and food preparation and storage areas. Larger RV models come with full bathrooms, refrigerators, and living areas, master bedrooms, etc. Some of the more expensive and more elaborate RVs feature satellite TV and Internet access, slide-out sections, and awnings.

Everyday, more and more people are waking up to the grand experience of owning and raveling in an RV motorhome. It’s a unique mobile living experience that’s hard to match. A recent consumer study indicates that an estimated 7.9 million American households now own an RV. Truly enough, the fun and enjoyment that these travel trailers, motorhomes, campers and van conversions offer are hard to match anywhere else.

For all those already yearning for this exquisite piece of mobile luxury, there’s good news. Did you know that the Internet now offers excellent facilities to locate and purchase the motorhome of your choice? All it takes is just a few clicks of your mouse to quickly locate the best deals on motorhomes. So get online and take your pick from brand new or used RVs. Get the best deals on the RV motorhome of your dream.

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